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This is one of the biggest dilemmas when you want to build your digital visibility: should you develop a mobile site or mobile apps? To make the right choice, you must first know the differences between these two supports.

Here is one of the big dilemmas when you want to build your digital visibility. The preference for a mobile website or for a mobile application stems from different challenges and investments that can tip the balance on one side or the other.

But as often in marketing and communication, nothing is all white or all black. Where an application has certain advantages, the website will bring other advantages. It is all a question of context, market, consumers and business strategy. Let’s take a look at the nuances together so that you can orient yourself correctly and choose the right digital medium.


Where a website is simply accessible from a Google search engine, a mobile application will request a download to be used. This makes it less accessible, especially since it will not be available on a computer, unless it has been developed for. The website, even if it is not designed to be mobile, may be accessible from a smartphone the browsing experience can however be very poor.


It is important to note that certain applications can be available offline, without Internet, and thus make it possible to simplify the access compared to a web site depending on a connection. Is it really a big advantage, where today the Internet connection in France via mobile is well extended?

Integration into everyday life

The advantage of the mobile application is that it can, if it is well thought out, enter the daily life of its users and integrate naturally with other existing applications such as SMS, Emails, and Phone calls, Camera or even GPS.

Mobile app features

The website is more limited, although it can request access to the camera or other applications. It remains less naturally integrated on smartphones than the application designed for, with the behavior of the application often based on notification systems and other alerts keeping users active.

Maintenance and back office

In terms of back office maintenance and management, everything will depend on how your site or application has been developed. If we consider that a website is easier to update especially because the application requires an additional download from the mobile user, the application is native and therefore does not threaten to upset the design, unlike a mobile website often an adaptation of the desktop website which may experience some adaptation difficulties.

Did you know?

The lifespan of an application, on the other hand, is shorter than that of a website, in particular due to the functional differences and the final usefulness between the two.

The cost of creation

This is always the big question that is difficult to answer, as the costs can vary according to the needs in UX design, web design or development. What is certain is that the adaptation of a desktop website to a mobile website must be thought of when designing the desktop website principle of responsive. This is how you will benefit from the best user experience and the best adaptation behavior. In fact, apart from a few tweaks, the investment is reasonable for a mobile site.

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