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We sometimes see very useful or beautiful or anything very informational on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp status, story or post but wonder how we can download it to share on some other platforms. Well, this app serves the purpose very well, the WhatsApp Status Download app is one perfect app that can let you download the posts, stories and status of the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, GB WhatsApp and then you can share it with your friends or family on any of the family easily.

The app looks quite simple, there is not much of an appealing look given to the app. It feels simple and is also simple to use. It provides all the paid features available on the other apps for free. The posts can be saved here and then can be shared later on. The app categorises the date of the post and time-wise so that you can access them easily. The app shows a grid view of the posts saved and the list view is also available. You can change the theme of the app and can switch to your favourite colour, or you can set new colours daily, whatever way you like to. 

How to use the app: Download and install ‘WhatsApp Status Downloader’ in your mobile phone. Now open the official WhatsApp, visit statuses and see them. After viewing the status,”WhatsApp Status Downloader” will show you all watched statuses that you can save and do more. You can also download status and save any image or video file from WhatsApp company, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. This app doesn’t need the permission of the person whose status you are downloading and maintain complete privacy. Additionally, it supports Dual app option if you have it pre installed on your device. Download status which your friend has submitted.

Pros :

  1. It is providing all features for free
  2. Hassle-free user experience 
  3. Easy to access saved posts
  4. Customisable themes of the app
  5. Supports almost every famous app
  6. Quality is very good of saved posts

The app is a good overall performer in this category and can serve the purpose very easily. Users who look for small but feature-loaded apps are going to love this app. It is available to download on Google Play Store.

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