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Fitness is the topmost priority among everyone now and then, the difference is that earlier there were no pocket trainers available but now we have pocket trainers — our smartphones. The Crossfit Collective is one of that kind, your personal trainer for your workout. The app has a very minimalist design and at the same time, it looks modern also. 

The first thing after you open the app is to log in to the app. You can log in using your Facebook account or Google account and you can also Sign up to the app as well. After logging in you come to the home page which shows you 6 different categories of services available. The categories are Workouts, Exercises, Diets, Blogs, Calculator, Motivation. The options are all good and mostly these are needed by every fitness freak. They have perfectly fitted their choices regarding the categories as they will help the users for sure. 

The app has also categorised the levels of the workout and exercise, this is very rarely found in the app and is very much essential. The blogs are very relevant, full of information and tips written by professionals. The Diet section is another one impressive feature, this is hardly found in the apps. It has many types of diet depending on what your goals are i.e. to lose weight or gain weight or gain muscles etc. There is one Calculator tab where you can calculate your BMI, this is a pretty common feature in this category of apps. They have uniquely put up the Motivation tab also, to motivate the users through quotes, that’s really very nice to see. 

Pros :

  1. The app is pretty easy and approachable 
  2. Gives hefty of information 
  3. Well categorised app
  4. Information shared is authentic 
  5. Blogs and Motivation tab are blended in-app perfectly
  6. Very good quality videos for detailed training 

Cons :

  1. The app gets stuck sometimes.
  2. It is not an offline app

Overall, the app is very impressive and fulfils the purpose very well and it can be your daily trainer for sure. You can download it from Google PlayStore app

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