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Many of us are worried about what to cook every day, how could be it different every day and most importantly what healthy food we can cook? Well, there are many recipe apps available on PlayStore to download but none like this. In the Nutrition-Fitness, Training category this is probably the best-organised app for you all. It has thousands of recipes available, veg and non-veg both. The app has an exercise section which recommends your daily exercises to stay fit, that’s a very nice feature. It not only shows recipes but its nutritious values as well.

The app is pretty simple to use and the user interface of the app is developed in a modern way and the whole look of the app is very beautiful and delightful to look at as the theme and colours are very subtle. The app shows you daily recommendations of what healthy you can cook. It has recipes related to every cooking section whether it is baking, fast food, healthy food, quick to cook food, different cuisines, and some special meals as well. 

This app also features a grocery checklist feature where you can update your grocery to keep a check that whether you have enough grocery for certain recipes as well as you can use that while going to buy some grocery in the mall. It has this one very unique feature where you can keep a check on your Intermittent Fasting Plans & count them easily, this feature is going to be everyone’s favourite as it helps a lot in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and eating pattern.

Salient Features of the app :

  1. App is very elegant 
  2. Plenty of recipes of different categories
  3. Also features the home exercise for better appetite
  4. Weekly meal plans & grocery list making is very useful
  5. Can separately save the favourite recipes
  6. Helps in creating shopping lists for the recipes you choose to make 

The Healthy Recipe app is a delight to all the foodies out there as it provides almost everything at just one click with lots of options and unique features.

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