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Most of us are using our iPhone camera for shooting pictures of many things that we see in any store or in any place while going out. These kinds of pictures are most useful things and are In need at any time, but as there is no default photo organiser which makes it very difficult to find out the needed photograph on the time as it gets lost in the big flood of pictures in our iPhone. The Tag a Moment #Kamera Organizer is the perfect partner for you in this case.

The app is very developed by Erik Stieler, the idea behind developing this app is very much applicable in the real world and we can consider the app to be the most useful productivity app out there for iPhone users. The app organises all the photos you click just by adding a tag to it and some hashtags also work in this so that when you need that particular photo then you have to type just a few key letters and you will find the photo. Isn’t it interesting that the app will work on the voice command also, not a conventional app, best use of technology?

By far the experience has been very wonderful and the apps work exceptionally well. The organisation is perfect and post-processing of photos is automatic and that also works flawlessly. You can click and tag any kind of picture whether it is any price tag, any funny quote you find somewhere, any product, anything that you want to store for future reference.

Salient Features : 

  1. App UI is very well designed, easy to understand and use.
  2. The organisation of pictures is perfect 
  3. No mismatch of categories
  4. Post-processing is fast and good
  5. One of the most productive app for iPhone users

The app is available for IOS users only and is available on Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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