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The idea behind developing this app is very unique, there are rarely any apps which pay any attention or work on these kinds of apps. Our Type is a messaging cum medical app which focuses on a very large number of people who are suffering from diabetes. The UI and usability  of the app is very simple and one can understand the whole working process very easily. The idea behind the app is what makes it very unique and tries to help the large portion of ill people who suffer from diabetes.

Users have to create an account to login to the app and the registration is single time after that you can login using the given credentials. The app has a pretty basic home page where you will see the feeds and you can see many posts from the people you follow. The app helps you in sharing your experiences and anything useful for other users. The basic idea behind this app is to make this people come closer and share the experiences so that other users also get aware of those situations and get to learn something. The name of the app also conveys the same message “Our Type”, a community where diabetics can get together and communicate with each other.

The app is a forum where type 1 and type 3 diabetics and caregivers can join and communicate with each other through posts and messages and to seek friends with these same conditions. Found the app working very efficiently without any hassle. 

Pros :

  1. User interface is pretty easy to understand
  2. Communication is easy and has no flaws
  3. Very useful for this category people 
  4. Posts are relevant no bloatware 

The app is available for IOS users and can download it from the Apple App Store. It is available for the iPhone and iPad users.

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