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As there is a large number of population which does not have access to medical help or any information about their health. To resolve a bit of chaos the developer Jan Hajek has developed this totally unique app with a very helpful concept as it will give information to the needy ones. The app has information related to all the diseases ranging from chronic to acute disease well elaborated and with some remedies and information on the treatments. The information is provided through the blogs which are written by the professional doctors and the medical students so the information is authentic and trustworthy. 

The user interface of the app is pretty basic with a decent theme. Users will see the blogs on different diseases in the options and the app is categorized very professionally and it helps in picking up the needful things on a quick basis. The blogs consist of the image illustrations so that there is no confusion. They also provide a disclaimer that the information provided is for informational purposes and it is best to see a doctor if the user is sick. They also include some home remedies which are safe. 

The whole app and the information part is very good and the objectives of developing this app are clearly visible. The app can be downloaded and accessed by anyone. They also include a healthy lifestyle section to motivate the users and to make them aware about the importance of healthy lifestyle.

Salient Features :

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Plenty of useful information
  3. Covers almost every disease
  4. Provides home remedies
  5. Gives you tips on healthy lifestyle 

The app is available for download on the Google Playstore for free. 

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