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There are very few apps which really concentrate on the mental health of the people. The are one of the rare developers who have developed this unique and very useful app for people. The app lets you write your daily routine and tasks or things that you do in your daily life I.e. it is a kind of diary writing. You can even filter your written diary stories and search for them as well. It is the best app to introspect yourself on a daily basis and then improve our habits and schedule to overcome the faults.

The user interface of the app is very well designed and is very smooth and organised. The app shows morning motivational quotes to boost up the energy. The app asks you intelligent questions frequently so that it can track your mood and then can show you journals related to it so you can seek it out. There are challenges in the app which you can take to refresh your mind. You can add pictures to your stories also.

Pros : 

  1. Unique app concept
  2. It lets you to keep track of your mental health
  3. User can write daily diary
  4. Intelligent questions to track mental health
  5. Very simple to use 

The app performance is very good and smooth. You can download it from the Google PlayStore app.

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