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The modern technology now can help us in reminding our daily tasks, umm not only reminders but it also helps you in keeping a record on the activities we do and keeps us active as well. This technology is perfectly blended in a single app known as Readyactive. The app is developed and designed by the developer Philipp Straub, through which he has tried to give the users a helping hand in reminding them there daily tasks on time.

The app comes under the productivity category and it does work according to it, as it is a very productive app and helps in making your day productive as well. So, the app interface is not very complicated to understand, it is pretty simple to use as well as to understand and it shows about the open tasks on its homepage.Users need to enter their tasks for the day, which are known as open tasks. Then when you start those tasks you need to set them and activate a pop-up head with three options which are Intervals, Timer, Countdown. Basically it is upto you which option you want to choose for the upcoming task and each of the options works flawlessly. 

For example, if you add a task of doing 50 pushups, you can then select whether you want Intervals while doing it or you want to set a Timer to have an eye on how much time it takes you to complete it or you can choose Countdown where you challenge yourself to complete the task in that particular time which you have set. This is a pretty great idea as we have the perfect flex of option according to the tasks that we are going to perform. 

Pros :

  1. The app has very simple interface that means easy to understand
  2. The app gives users total control of managing the tasks
  3. The three options, Interval, Timer and Countdown for each task is very good implementation
  4. The app does not consume large amount of battery
  5. The sorting of tasks is very well managed i.e. active tasks and completed tasks are shown very clearly
  6. Backup in cloud by signing in to the app works flawlessly and stores your data

So, the Readyactive app is exactly the same as what it says, it is always ready to keep you active by making your days productive. You can sign in as well to keep a cloud backup of your tasks. It is available for download on Google Playstore.

Available on playstore:


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