Ally: Fun Social Charades Game

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Ally is a virtual party fun game developed by the Bruma Viad developer. What an incredible idea behind this game, you must have played board games in your childhood with your friends whenever you felt bored. This is the very same thing but the difference here is that the game is virtual and you can not only play with your friends but you can play it with an unlimited number of people who are ready to play it with you. This is a local multiplayer game which needs just one device. 

The overall UI is very interactive and responsive. The game has almost 2000 words to guess, that means over 300 words per category. The app is available in 8 languages for good reach. There are all famous categories like the movies and TV series, brands category, celebrities, sports category, history category, geography category and many others. One thing which is very impressive about this game is that wherever you are either in a party of friends meeting, this game will remove the boredom and give you the reason to laugh and enjoy more with your friends. 

Salient Features:

  1. A very good idea of developing Board game which can be played anywhere
  2. The interface is very user friendly and responsive
  3. It is a fun game, makes you feel happy 
  4. Stress buster game

The overall experience is very good and you can really prefer this game over any other very confidently. The game is available for download on the Apple App Store and also on the Android App Store.

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