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It is exiting to have your app or game released on Google Play and Appstore after months of hard work. But do you know that with more than 10 million apps already in stores, your app or game will probably go unnoticed by users if you do not have the right program or strategy to promote your app and even after weeks of unexperienced efforts when you don’t get downloads, you start loosing hope. On an average to reach among top app in stores, budget may exceed $250K however, majority of aspiring entrepreneurs do not have the budget.

I have been promoting apps and games over the last 10 years and have been ventured with several apps and games developers and helped them to make their product successful. One of the best method to promote app in budget is to submit your apps to app review websites, relevant forums, social media groups and alt web app stores. Publishing your app in these sites will provide excellent exposure for your app with better ranking in stores and downloads along with really high quality backlinks.

However, submitting to these sites is not an easy task and with these sites receiving hundreds of applications everyday, its difficult to get your app applicated get noticed, that is where I will help, by uplifting the major task of submitting your app in major sites and forums.


App promotion and marketing today is one of the biggest challenges in the industry, you can see that there are hundreds of app developers in the market however, only a handful people doing the marketing. It is not because you wouldn’t be good at marketing, its rather that you will have to spend months to learn it, test it and ultimately master it. This will need to lot of experiments and budget to test your strategies with no guarantee of success.

In this particular service where I am promoting the your app or game in 150+ app review websites, social media groups and other app niche forums, I have studied the pattern of app review requests as I have submitted hundreds of apps and games and know what content should be written in the application to get faster consideration.


I just need your Play Store and/or Appstore URL. Once the payment is received, I will immediately start working on your app and will deliver the order within 7 business days. All submission will be manually process where I will personally visit each site, forum, social media groups and submit your application. Once the submission process is completed, I will send you the delivery report.

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You will be getting an complete white label excel report with links of websites where I have submitted your app and release published url (wherever I will be able to get it published in this short time) and screenshots of submission. This is very unique feature as no body else gives guarantee of even single publication however, with my services, you will surely get confirmed publications.


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Do You Offer Money Back Guarantee

Yes! All orders are secured by payproglobal under the terms that if I fail to deliver the order, you will get 100% money back, no questions asked!

Does my online payment is secured

Absolutely! Payprolglobal is one of the most secure payment gateways which provide 100% peace of mind while doing an online transaction and protects against any fraud!

Buy App Review Sites Submission - $99